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Thursday, January 5, 2012


My first experience with two bath development.
See for more details about the process the excellent explanation on the website of

First developer:
Lith A 45ml. Lith B 45ml. + 900ml water + 100ml old lith

Second developer:
Polychrome Siena 50ml
Additive Carbonate 25ml
Additive Cloride  50ml
Water 1000ml

First I made a proof with different exposures:
44, 36, 26, 16
Paper: Fomabrom 123
First developer: 3 min.
Second developer: 2 min.

The difference between 16 and the rest is big.
The difference between 44, 36 and 26 is not that big.

Paper: old Record Rapid (maybe this paper
 has a bit of a veil but
I like it anyway)
Exposure: 40sec on F/4.5
First developer 3 min.
Sec. developer 2 min.

7 Tulips
Paper Foma 123

Exposure: 40sec on F/4.5
First developer 5 min.
Sec. developer 2.30 min.

I ad 10ml D to the Siena bath
Left Paper: Record Rapid only the lith bath for about 5 min.
Right Foma 132

Ilford multigrade
As you see not so equal.

Paper Foma 123
Exposure: 40sec on F/4.5
First developer 4.30 min.
Sec. developer 2 min

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Lady becomes a photographer

Paper: Ilford Multigrade IV
Developer: Rollei Warmtone 1-9
Some of the print have I toned in Selenium toner