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Cyanotype recipes

-1- 25 gr. Ferric ammonium citrate (green) +  100ml dist. water, put it in a small brown bottle
-2- 10gr.  Potassium ferricyanide + 100ml dist. water, also in a brown bottle and leave them both in the dark.
This is the stock solution.

The Ferric Ammonium citrate is the lightsensitive component in the formula.
The Potassium ferricyanide forms the color.

When I use it, I take for 4 or 5 sheets 5x7 inch:

3 ml from bottle -1-
3 ml from bottle -2-
And I mix this with 6ml of dist.water because then its easier to coat an uniform layer on the paper.

Sometimes paper is very absorbing. You loose contrast and color.

Smooth papers like Berger Cot 23 are perfect for portraits, look at Kairo here
Papers with more texture are very nice sometimes for landscape
see here
I use Fabriano Artistico a lot.

Feb. 2014 Update about the Fabriano paper, I have noticed that the Fabriano stays a bit yellow, see it
Now I have found other paper very very nice, it is Khadi papers. You can buy it in 360gr. Very heavy and nice.Khadi paper

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