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Salt printing


To size and salt the paper:  
8 gram gelatine
18 gr sodium citrate
20 gr sodium chloride
1 liter gedist. water                                           

When the paper is completely dry sensitize with silvernitraat, 12%
This is a saltprint from a wetplate collodion negative.
See negatives

I have used different kinds of paper but the best paper for me is Bergger Cot 320.

I read the manual of Ellie Young and I adjust my process and use her recipe for salting the paper.
I also made a 5% potassium dichromate solution for boosting contrast.
So with the Bergger Cot paper, no sizing is necessary.

Distilled Water  250 ml 
Ammonium Chloride  5 gm 
Sodium citrate 5 gm  
Add the salt to the distilled water. 
Add 5 gm sodium citrate; it is ready for use when this has dissolved.

Take 30 ml of salt solution.
Add 2 drops of the 5 % potassium dichromate solution.

When paper is dry, sensitize with 12% silvernitraat. 
This have to dry too. 
I use a hairdryer to dry the paper. 

Exposure times differ from 18 to 24 min. on UV. 

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