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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two women

Lithprint on Agfa Portriga Rapid
Old paper from 1970
Moersch SE5 Lith


  1. Hello,

    Just found your blog when googling about developer for old Agfa Portriga paper.

    Congratulations for these magicals photographs !

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you Raphael! I hope you have found what you are looking for?

    2. Hi Gerda,

      In fact, no, I haven't found yet, because I am looking for a way to develop these papers (along with Brovira), with modern developpers I have handy, just for a test.

      Until now, I found only two way to process it :
      - make my own developer based on old Agfa recipe (i.e Agfa 123), using raw chemicals, but I haven't them all on shelf.
      - use lith process with Moersch chemistry, like very much the results, but I haven't it either. I discovered this way with your blog !

      Do you know any other option ?

      The paper boxes I got (found in the attic of my parents house), are rather of small size (6x9 cm and 8x10 cm), so I wonder if it's worth the expense in chemistry, and I don't know if they are still usable.

      However, the Moersch lith process is a thing I would try someday !

      Best regards,


    3. Hi Raphael,

      You can use the modern developers like Amaloco but that old paper has loose his contrast and sometimes it has a veil. But for creative images the softness and the veil can work. I think - try... nothing is lost when it turns out not so great :-)and perhaps you see something on which you can go further experiment.
      Good luck! (let me know if you like, how it turns out) Gerda